How to Trade in your cards for Store Credit


Step 1 - Log into your account using the "Login Or Create an Account" button on the upper left corner of the screen.

Note: If you do not already have an account, please create an account to move forward.

Step 2 - Once you are logged into your account, to open the buylist menu click the "Buylist" option at the top right of the menu bar next to the shopping cart.

Step 3 - Select which game you are trading in cards for from the menu. (Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, or Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Note: If you are trading in cards from multiple games, please submit separate buylists for each game.


Next, under Buylist Summary, switch from "Prices Shown in Cash" to "Prices Shown in Store Credit".


Step 4 - In the search box, enter the names of the cards you are looking to trade in and click on the magnifying glass to search.

Step 5 – To add a card to your buylist, click on the “+” under the correct variant of the card you are trading in. Please note the location you are submitting for. Submit different buylists for separate cities.

Step 6 - Once you have entered all of the cards you are looking to trade in, click "Submit Buylist" on the bottom right side the page.


Once you have submitted your buylist, we will review your buylist and approve it if we would like to accept the cards you are trading in to us. We will send you an email with the approved list of cards we are taking.

After your buylist has been approved, please bring the cards in order according to the list on your approval email. Please remove all sleeves, top loaders, and protectors the card is in, unless it is of significant value.

Once you drop off your buylist at your local Gamezilla it may take 24-72 hours for processing, grading and applying your store credit to your account.


If you have any questions regarding the buylist process, please let us know.



Phone Number (506) 657-7529

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