20/21 UD Artifacts Hockey Blaster

20/21 UD Artifacts Hockey Blaster

20/21 UD Artifacts Hockey Blaster

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2020/21 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey Blaster Box

7 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

Promising Rookie Class! Look for Rookie Redemption cards for the best players to debut during the 2020-21 season. Scouts are generally excited for this year's draft class, tabbing several prospects as "elite." The breakdown of the 46 redemption cards:

- 31 Team Cards (top rookie on each team)
- 9 Wildcards (nine best rookies not captured in the team set)
- 6 Photo Variant SP's (the top six 2020-21 rookies)

Collect Game-Worn Memorabilia & Autographs! In addition to highly-sought after rookie redemption cards, hockey fans can collect quality memorabilia and autograph cards via the NHL Remnants - Jersey and Auto Facts inserts. NHL Remnants - Jersey is a game-worn jersey set featuring active star players. Auto Facts is a set featuring autographs from established veterans and up-and-coming stars.

Attention Player & Set Collectors! This year's Artifacts release features a slew of serial-numbered parallels of the 220-card Base Set, which is broken down into four groupings: Regular, Stars, Legends and Rookies. The parallels:

- Ruby Parallel (Stars, Legends & Rookies Only) #'d to 399
- Copper Parallel #'d to 299
- Emerald Parallel #'d to 99
- Autumn Parallel #'d to 75
- Aqua Parallel #'d to 45
- Purple Parallel #'d to 20